Loz (msloz) wrote in job_please,

Do you know what really grinds my gears?

Well I'll tell you! Badly written, misspelled job adverts. It makes me utterly furious. Moreso because somewhere in the advert, it'll tell me not to bother applying because I 'only' have a 2:2. Sure, on paper I might have a pretty rubbish degree grade, but I can spell (at least, when it matters I can, there's always some classic typos in my journal!)! I can proof-read! And if you gave me a job and it fell to me to write your job advert I would actually make an effort with it!

So, screw you and your poorly paid job with your appallingly written advert. I wouldn't want to work for you anyway!

As you can probably tell, my job hunting has been largely unsuccessful. How is everyone else getting on?
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