tx_cronopio (tx_cronopio) wrote in job_please,

Doing the Application Mambo

(cross-posted from my personal LJ)

As a hiring manager I didn't like it when everything went internet-based, and as an applicant I sure don't like it. Used to be you could tweak the resume, write a tailored cover letter, bam, that was it. I had it down to a science.

Now you have to complete the multi-page computer application for each and every job, and I'm talking 12-15 pages. Plus they're all in different formats. Oh, sure, if you're applying for multiple positions for the same institution you can save and re-use, but that doesn't help if you need to apply for ten positions at ten different institutions/firms. I'm so grateful that I have my own computer and so at least I can grind thru these at home in my jammies.

I just spent over an hour filling out an copiously detailed online application for a job I don't even want. But I've gotten fond of eating, so what are you gonna do?

I should have used my Luddite icon.
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