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Introductory post/whinge

Hi. I was made redundant in July and have applied to over 80 firms since then. I have had only two interviews: the first was with a really really crazy man so I ran like hell, and the second would have involved financing myself to the tune of a few thousand pounds to get set up with no guarantee of any return at all and a minimum of three months before I could expect anything in. I have an interview tomorrow for a firm over an hour's drive away. I am not feeling positive about it as the recruitment agent appears to have told them a pack of lies, and they have categorically stated that they don't have any vacancies at present and will only consider employing someone who can bring clients with them. Which I don't think I can, but am so desperate now that I am going to try to blag it to see if I can at least get a couple of months' wages under my belt as our finances are going so far down the tubes it's scary. We live in an ordinary terraced house and my husband earns an average wage - you'd think his salary would come to more than bills + food, wouldn't you? Well it doesn't come anywhere near.

The problem is that I'm a litigation solicitor and from what I can tell the legal profession is largely going down the tubes. The Law Society reported that 375 firms closed in September alone, and that of those remaining about 35% had made redundancies and about 45% had frozen recruitment for the foreseeable future. So there are very few jobs. There is also a rumour that the Law Society is in financial trouble as so many people are out of work that they are down a huge amount on practicising certificate fees this year.

However, I have found a few jobs to apply to and have made a lot of prospective applications - but I keep being told that I have too much experience (!), or that I don't have enough of a specialism in a specific field. Or, more usually, my application is greeted with silence. I think I have a great CV and have been told as much by lots of people, but it just doesn't seem to be getting me anywhere. I really don't know what to do. I keep thinking I should do something else - after all almost everyone I was at uni with who didn't do law (and a lot of people who didn't go to uni at all) are being paid more than twice as much as the most I've ever got. People seem to think that solicitors are ludicrously well-paid, but I've never earned more than my age, and it's awkward when all your mates are on over £50k and are like "you're a lawyer, you must be loaded". I've tried looking at alternative careers, but can't seem to find any jobs advertised that don't involve either heavy lifting or heaps of experience that I don't have. I can't even get any temp agencies to sign me on as they say there isn't any work around for them to give out.

Oh yes, and because I haven't paid my £1k to the Law Society yet this year I am not supposed to call myself a solicitor, but instead have to make it clear that I am non-practicising. And they're still on my back asking for money on a weekly basis.

So if anyone hears of any vacancies for something that I could do in the West Midlands/Warwickshire/Worcestershire area I would be very grateful.
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